Several constituents have been asking Jill about her position on HB 76, legislation that replaces property taxes with other funding sources including increases in personal income taxes and various consumption taxes. As a school board member and someone who is intimately familiar with this issue Jill understands the need for property tax relief for senior citizens and those who struggle to pay their taxes.


HB 76, although a good start to property tax relief will not work in its current form and here is why:

1. Property taxes are a stable form of income for schools. If these taxes are eliminated and replaced by personal income taxes and consumption taxes like a food or clothing tax, the monies generated will be different from year to year and overly dependent on a strong economy. For example, a recession could lead to a significant reduction in funding causing decay of our school facilities, larger class sizes and the elimination of sports, music and bussing.

2. When local property taxes are eliminated, local schools will lose control over how they will spend the money allocated by the state, leading to greater inequities in funding from school to school.

3. Some of our most vulnerable citizens could see their overall tax bill go up by being forced to pay more for many goods and services that they rely upon, in addition to paying more in personal income taxes.

HB 76 has been around for years and has not been passed because the legislature is bombarded with special interest who don’t want their goods and services taxed. In addition, many business and education groups have come out against this legislation in its current form.


JILL FULLY SUPPORTS PROPERTY TAX REFORM for our most vulnerable citizens and acknowledges the unfair burden put on our senior citizens and those on a fixed income. That is why Jill has been a tireless advocate for fair public education funding and property tax reform. Jill has been working towards common sense and fair solutions to the property tax issue such as championing more education dollars form Harrisburg and a change to the State Constitution to provide property tax relief to senior citizens modeled successful programs in other states.  Jill is currently serving on the PSBA Property Tax Reform Task Force and a member of both the PSBA Legislative Council and the Berks County Intermediate Unit’s Council on Legislative Action.

When you send Jill to Harrisburg, she will fight for property tax relief for our senior citizens and those on a fixed income by standing up to special interests and working to find common sense solutions