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As a new member of the House,  Jill will use the experience and knowledge she has gained as a community advocate to represent the interests of the 147th legislative district. She is committed to being a leader who uses her voice to bring new ideas and common sense solutions to complicated problems. Jill Dennin will be an independent voice who will represent your concerns and not be beholden to powerful special interests

Jill will:

  • fight for Property Tax Reform - Harrisburg needs to pay their fair share for education

  • help address Community Infrastructure Issues like storm water maintenance, traffic, road quality and open space

  • be a voice for those who have been left behind by Harrisburg and prioritize community over Harrisburg special interests


Jill For PA

147th District - Douglass Township, Green Lane, Lower Frederick Township, Lower Salford Township, Marlborough Township, New Hanover Township, Schwenksville, Upper Frederick Township, Upper Pottsgrove, Upper Salford Township, West Pottsgrove Township

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